The Game

A magical adventure story in a world where science is lost and a dark evil is rising from the shadows
Arriving in Chelonii Island

The human race has fallen

The World of Khalandrie has been plunged into a chaos after the Seven Tides, a legendary cataclysm that has submerged all land into water and drove humanity back into an age of wood and stone.

All that is left of the proud human race is a broken civilization, scattered around the world in small islands commonly known as 'Shelters' and living in rudimentary settlements with what the land can give them and what can be traded with the other islands.

The world is a dangerous place, with pirates, thieves, disease and war ranging between the Four Kingdoms the only resemblance to authority left, governed by greedy ruthless men that have been corrupted by power.

Set out on an epic adventure

You play the story of Jon Riley, a boy who left the Island of Chelonii, in the Eastern Kingdom of Khalandrie, when he was very young, after being driven away by his grandfather. After a visit from an old acquaintance, his grandfather Fridurik, Jon's only living relative, has mysteriously disappeared. Jon returns to the Island of Chelonii and sets on a quest to find what happened to him, while discovering the truth about his past, and the underlying mystery of the Island.

Embark on an epic adventure, full of mystery and puzzles, fantastic characters, pirates and immersive environments.

Explore the beautiful Island of Chelonii

With more than 20 explorable areas, 25 interactive characters and a masterful soundtrack you will immerse yourself in the Island and truly experience the life of a Cheloniian.

You will walk through the charming village of Chelonii, cross the thick Flaming Jungle, explore the ghostly Ruins of Guusha and discover the native tribe of the Takahu, in a quest for the truth that will take you to the very depths of the Island and a hidden secret that will shake the pillars of the world.

Experience a classic point and click adventure

The Seven Tides is a classic point and click adventure game inspired in adventure games like Broken Sword, Monkey Island, The Longest Journey, Full Throttle and The Dig.

Full of puzzles in the classic point and click adventure game style you will have dialog puzzles, inventory puzzles, diversions and all the key elements that made this genre the true favourite amongst story based game fans. 

With the story in the driver seat you will uncover the Island's mysteries by creative problem solving, interactive dialog and exploration in a true classic adventure game where fantasy meets science fiction.