The Team

Our awesome team is connected from all across the globe from Portugal, to Australia, Hong Kong, Wales and England!
kyuubi pic

Duarte Garin - Game Design (Australia)

Duarte is the founder and project lead and currently works as a technical architect in a leading web agency in Sydney. He wears the hat of Game Designer in the team. An obsessive adventure gamer and very seasoned technologist, he enjoys his surfing and plays the saxophone.

Joao pic

Joao Garin - Development (Portugal)

A very experienced developer, Joao is the main man behind the implementation in the Unity engine. He will translate the specs and game design workflows into the engine. Although new to the indie game development scene, he is a professional web developer currently in Lisbon, Portugal.

Richard pic

Richard Armstrong - Music & Sound Design (England)

A professional musician and music producer, Richard is a guru in enhancing the experience with sound and musical scores. He works professionally as a musician and music teacher and lives in London.

Mark pic

Mark Suter - 3D Art/Level Design (Wales)

A professional 3D artist, Mark is experienced in the indie game development scene and has worked in games currently released under Steam and Google Play. His speed and eye for detail is like nothing we’ve seen before. When he isn't playing his bass he is smashing through the artwork in our charming village. If a job needs doing it gets done. 

Perry Lo

Perry Lo - Concept Art (Hong Kong)

Perry Lo is a student/ freelance concept and storyboard artist from Hong Kong, China. He has worked for multiple animation corporations both in the United States and in the japanese anime industry. Perry brings his skills as a concept artist to the table and it's from his beautiful drawings that our 3D art is based on.