September Progress Update

Almost done with the Village we are getting ready to explore the dark Jungle of Chelonii.

Hi everyone,

This post is a quick progress update of what we have been doing in this last sprint (2 weeks).

Before we get to that though let me explain a bit about the layout of our Island.

The Island of Chelonii

The Island of Chelonii is divided in two main areas: The Village of Chelonii and the Other Side.

Due to the war between the villagers and the natives these two areas are separated by the Misty Bridge and nobody from either side crosses over.

The Village of Chelonii

The Village is occupied by the Chelonians, governed by a ruthless Governor and his right hand, Sheriff James Ward.

Nobody is allowed on the Other Side, which is how the Chelonians call the Jungle side of the island. The village is mainly divided into:

  • The Wharf - The only entrance to the village of Chelonii the Wharf is where all the boats are docked. It's run by Aenor, the Wharf Master.
  • Quarter District - The Quarter District is where the villagers houses are.
  • The Library - The only building that is not a house in the Quarter District, the Library is owned by our main character's grandfather.
  • Jail - Run by the despicable Sheriff James Ward and his Deputy Paco, this is where all the criminals are locked up.
  • Trade District - This is where the shops and commerce are located. Places like the fishmongers, the pawnshop, herbalist's hut and various stalls can be found here.
  • Tavern - The local tavern of Chelonii called 'The Drowned Turtle'.
  • Governor Mansion - The Governor's mansion is located on top of the mountain.
  • The Misty Bridge - Patrolled by the Governor's guards, the Misty bridge is the only entrance to the Other Side.

The Other Side

The unexplored side of Chelonii inhabited only by the natives, the Other Side is a place of mystery and danger where no one is brave enough to enter.

The main areas on the other side are:

  • Jungle - The thick Jungle of Chelonii covers the entirety of the Other side and one needs to know the ways around it to travel to it's key locations. Its labyrinthic path make it easy for one to get easily lost and fall prey to it's many dangers.
  • Lake and Waterfall - Deep inside the Junge there is a large Lake with a waterfall and secret locations can be found there for the most daring (nuff' spoilers)
  • Takahu Tribe - The tribal camp where the natives of Chelonii live. 
  • Guusha Ruins - Nobody knows what the Ruins of Guusha are and what secrets lie within it. They can be found in the middle of the Jungle.


We are pretty much done with the Wharf in this first pass in terms of level design. Some props and general scene dressing will be done later but with the exception of people (fisherman, people loading unloading the docks) this area is ready to rumble.

Here are some screens:

Wharf Overview

Jon in the Wharf

Master Aenor

The docks in the Wharf

Wharf at night

Quarter District

Similarly to the Wharf, the Quarter is mostly done. We need some life in there like some old dudes playing games around the bonfire (and some drunkards at night), some villagers around their houses and so on, but apart from that it's looking pretty solid. Also in the Quarter District we have Fridurik Riley's house, the main character's grandfather.

Some screenies:

Path to Wharf

Fridurik's House

Inside Fridurik's fence

Stairs to the bonfire

Quarter District near Library

Quarter at night


Although we haven't done the interior yet (coming soon), the outside area is pretty much ready:

Library Outside

Library to Wharf


We have also pretty much wrapped up the Jail for now, both outside and inside the Jail building:

Jail Outside

Jail Entrance

Jail Interior

Trade District

We still have a bit of work to do in the Trade District but it's getting there. The critical buildings are already there, now we just need to tweak them a bit and dress the sets to give it some life:


Madame Thistles


The Drowned Turtle

Also work in progress. The exterior building is pretty much done and the interior is laid out. We are now working on the kitchen area of the Tavern and work on dressing both inside and outside (front entrance):

Drowned Turtle Outside

Tavern counter

Tavern back door

Tavern kitchen

Next Sprint

The progress has been amazing. In this next sprint our main goal from a 3D and development standpoint is to try to wrap up the Village of Chelonii, finishing up these remaining buildings. Meanwhile Perry will begin 2D concepts for the Other side (yeaaah!!), starting with the Jungle and Ruins of Guusha. We will also start working on a UI for the game, something more polished than the basic stuff you see now.

Stay tuned for more updates and don't forget if you like what you see to follow us on Twitter!



The Team