Looking for an Animator!

Hello everyone,

We are looking for a talented 3D animation artist to join our team in developing a new classic style adventure game.

What we are looking for

We have a fun and talented team working on an ambitious project, but we need help with animations. 

We need someone with experience, comfortable with defining streamlined workflows and producing work in a quick pace.

Although it is a hobbyist project, we take the project seriously and we are committed to finish the project, so we need people that can commit to the project with the goal to end it.

The ideal candidate

  • Is used to work for milestones and timelines

  • Used to working in a collaborative approach within a team environment

  • Has time available to be present on a regular basis, appear on Discord and provide updates

  • Can output work on a fast pace

  • That understands what it means to work in a project


Skills required:

  • Skilled in animating 3D Characters, both humanoid and biped

  • Can rig and animate the models created

  • Huge bonus if you can model 3D characters as well

  • Bonus points if you have actually worked on a title until the end.

  • Experience with Unity (bonus)


The Background

The game takes place in a world almost submerged by water, where all the land that is left are small islands, where the remains of the human race try to survive after the cataclysm known as the Seven Tides.

You play the story of Jon Riley, a young boy living in the Island of Chelonii, in the Eastern Kingdom of Khalandrie. After a visit from an old mysterious acquaintance, his grandfather, the only relative Jon has mysteriously disappears and Jon embarks on a quest to find what happened to him, while discovering the truth about himself, and the underlying mystery of the Island.

For a full description of the game check out The Game page.

The Mechanics

The game will be mainly feed from the traditional mechanics of adventure games popular in the 90’s with games like The Broken Sword, Monkey Island, The Longest Journey, Full Throttle, The Dig etc.

It also introduces some RPG elements that promote exploration in order to immerse the player deeper in the world. The main driver of the gameplay experience is going to be the story as it's traditional in this genre of games.

The Art Style

The adopted art style is a flat shaded, low poly style. You can see some examples below and the full gallery here. Please note all of the screens are work in progress as we are working in iterations to move faster.

Night scene
Walking through Quarter District
Near Grandpa's house

The Music

We are lucky to have an amazing musician and talented producer in the team that is composing amazing musical scores for the game. If you want to hear some music samples get in touch!

The Tools

The game is being developed in Unity 5 in 3D low poly flat shade style. We are currently using the following main tools:

  • Unity 5 - Game engine

  • Dialog System - Dialog System for non linear interactive dialog databases

  • Adventure Creator - State machine for the traditional adventure game workflows

  • FMOD - Sound Engine

  • Blender - 3D Modelling

  • Sculptris - Used by previous char modeler for 3D Char sculpting

  • Discord - Communication

  • Trello - Task Management

Our Trello Board!

Indie Game Agile Board

The Team

We are a team mostly composed by professionals in our areas but new in applying our skills in game development.

  • Game Designer/Project Lead - Background in Computer Science and working professionally as the technical director of a leading web development agency in Sydney. Duarte brings maturity in project management methodologies and technical leading. An obsessive adventure game player and very seasoned technologist, Duarte is the founder of the project.

  • Lead Developer - A very experienced developer, Joao is the main man behind the implementation in the Unity engine. He will translate the specs and game design workflows into the engine. He is a professional web developer currently working in Vienna, Austria.

  • Music Producer/Sound Design - A professional musician and music producer, Richard is a guru in enhancing the experience with sound and musical scores. He works professionally as a musician and music teacher and lives in London.

  • 3D Artist/ Level Design - A professional 3D artist Mark as work in games currently released under Steam and Google Play. His speed and eye for detail is like nothing we’ve seen before. When he isn't playing his bass he is smashing through the artwork in our charming village. If a job needs doing it gets done. 

  • 2D Concept Artist - Perry Lo is a student/ freelance concept and storyboard artist from Hong Kong, China. He has worked for multiple animation corporations both in the United States and in the japanese anime industry. Perry brings his skills as a concept artist to the table and it's from his beautiful drawings that our 3D art is based on.

  • 3D Char Modeller and Animator - You?

(Expected) Revenue

Although we are happy to work on a revenue share with the right candidates this is project is not about revenue. If that is your main driver this is probably not the project for you. If however, you are looking to work with an amazing team, gain a lot of experience in the game development space and potentially be part of a successful project, then we would love to hear from you. Feel free to check our website to see more info on the game and some in game screenshots.

Risks & challenges

From a development and music production perspective this project is going really well, and with our new level designer on board artwork has picked up the pace. We have a lot of gameplay and art already developed but we need someone who is committed and is keen to work on a project until release. This is a considerably large game and no matter of beautiful our sets are they will feel dead without character bringing life into them. There are around 20 main characters to interact with plus extras.

If you are interested

If you want to join the team, get in touch and I will supply the full game design document, our wiki containing character references, sound design cues etc and provide access to our Discord team chat.

If you are interested contact me through at duarte.garin@gmail.com.

Looking forward to hear from you!